Your Present Circumstances

“Your present circumstances don‚Äôt determine where you can go;
they merely determine where you start.”

I want to reassure you that it doesn‚Äôt matter where you are with your dog right now.¬† It doesn’t matter what behavior problems they are displaying.¬† If your dog is having¬†accidents in the home, jumps on guests, or pulls your down the road on walks…your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go.

Your dog’s current¬†behavior has no impact on where you and your dog will be 2 days from now, 2 weeks from now, or even 2 months from now.¬† As long as you¬†begin training to¬†help improve these behaviors, then they will improve. The¬†challenges¬†you are¬†experiencing now¬†are simply the starting point for us to work from.

 Your Present CircumstancesThe problems you are having with your dog are nothing new, I guarantee I have helped clients with it before.  We just need to get started now, instead of tomorrow or next week. The sooner we begin, the sooner your dog improves. The longer your dog continues their undesirable behavior, the more it becomes ingrained in their mind and routine.

Nothing is as bad as you think it is.¬† I have¬†helped dogs¬†with¬†various behavior issues, and those problems don’t¬†necessarily have any bearing on where you and your dog will go.¬† Just because your dog is destroying items in the home today, doesn’t mean that’s what they will be doing 1 month from now.¬† It just tells us our starting point. ¬†Stop living frustrated and stressed, you can have the happy and relaxed life you have always wanted with your dog.

Watch just a few videos of previous clients who were experiencing struggles with their dog and are now living a happier life with their dog, as a result of our training together.  Contact me to find out how I can help you and your dog with any problems you might be having:  914-774-7654 or