Puppy Training Westchester NY

Kiki is a beautiful, happy, and very intelligent young Lab puppy.  I worked with her owners about a year and a half ago in order to train their other Lab, Boone.  Kiki’s owners contacted me for Puppy Training Westchester NY, as soon as they knew they were acquiring a new puppy. 

Puppy Training Westchester NY

Boone and Kiki’s owners are very experienced and competent dog owners, so they understood how important it is to start training early.  We immediately began with my Puppy Training Program in order to address Kiki’s housebreaking, counter surfing, and biting of plants in the yard.  Puppyhood is the prime opportunity to teach your dog good behaviors and reliable obedience commands that will last a lifetime.

A little training early on in your puppy’s formative months is an investment that will last 10+ years, so you can live stress-free and fully enjoy your dog.  Contact me directly so we can talk about your new puppy:  steve@srdogtraining.com or 914-774-7654

Puppy Training Westchester NY

Puppy Training Westchester County NY

Ari’s family are experienced dog owners who have owned several dogs over the years, and currently have two other dogs (Golden Retriever and Doxin).  His owner made a very smart decision by being pre-emptive in looking for a puppy training Westchester NY when Ari was just a puppy.  He was playing very rough with the other two older dogs in the household, and his owner wanted guidance on how to best handle this.

Ari’s family never worked with a dog trainer before, but they wanted help with Puppy Training Westchester NYTheir puppy training goals were to properly teach Ari the right way to act in the home, begin developing obedience training, and help to stop puppy behavior problems.

Ari is a very smart, happy, and energetic Doberman puppy, who had a tendency to display many common puppy issues.  He would bite/mouth hands, feet, clothes, furniture, and display an overall high level of energy.  Once he was overexcited, he would jump on people and furniture.  Housebreaking was also something that Ari’s owner wanted to be proactive with, and get resolved as quickly and easily as possible.

I helped Ari’s owner by taking him through my complete puppy training program.  This program focuses on: crate training, housebreaking, proper socialization, and how to lay a great foundation of structure that will help to prevent many behavior issues later on in life.

Ari went through my complete obedience training program, in order to teach him how to be reliable with his obedience commands.  A proper obedience training program will make it so your dog will listen regardless of distractions or if you have treats.

Our goal was to make Ari a well-mannered and polite member of the family, so they can live the stress-free life they wanted with their new puppy.

Westchester NY Puppy Training

Puppy Training Westchester NY

Finn is an 11 week old Weimaraner and my newest client for puppy training Westchester NY.  His owners contacted me for my complete puppy training program, so we can address his strong tendency to mouth/bite everyone and everything.  Our other focuses are on solving his jumping on people and lack of obedience commands

We should not expect a puppy to listen to our commands or know not to jump/bite.  Those are natural tendencies for dogs, and we have not yet taught them the socially acceptable way to act in our human world…that’s where training comes in

Puppyhood offers us the perfect opportunity to lay a foundation of rules and obedience commands that will last a lifetime.  By doing this, your life will be easier, less stressful and create the well-behaved dog you want.  The key is to get started now.  You do not want to wait until your dog is 1 year old, full-sized, and still acting bratty and ignoring your commands.  Whether your puppy is 10 weeks or 20 weeks old, contact me today and we can help teach your puppy to be the most polite, happy, and obedient dog in your neighborhood.

Puppy Training in Westchester NY

Puppy Training Westchester NY

11 week old Maisy is one of my newest puppy training clients.  Besides working on housebreaking and puppy socialization, we are focusing on developing her level of obedience commands.  The reason why I specialize in at-home puppy training in Westchester NY is so we can focus on helping dog and owner in their home environment.  This minimizes distractions, teaches your puppy how to appropriately act in your home, and develop true reliability.  These are critical aspects that most puppy classes can not achieve.

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