Puppy Training in Shrub Oak NY

Meet Luna, an incredibly cute, happy, and intelligent German Shepherd puppy.  Her owners contacted me for Puppy Training in Shrub Oak NY.  Early puppy training focuses on housebreaking, puppy biting, crate training, leash walking, and beginner obedience training.

Puppies are just like children, in that they are always learning and taking in information.  That’s why early puppy training is so important, because we are able to lay a foundation that will last a lifetime.  Teaching your puppy what you want (the good choices to make), is the best way to prevent unwanted behaviors. 

We started Luna off on my at-home puppy training in Shrub Oak NY, because she is going to be a big strong adult dog, so it’s best to get ahead of the curve and teach her the right way from the start.  I work with nearly two hundred dogs every year, and I always encourage owners to start training before problems occur or at the onset of unwanted behaviors. 

Puppy Training in Shrub Oak NY

Puppy Training in Shrub Oak NY

Luna is excelling at her puppy training in Shrub Oak NY, as this is only her second obedience training session.  Using a proven dog training system, we are able to train any dog, regardless of breed, age, or size.

The fundamental commands I teach all my clients are, Come, Sit, Down, Stay, Place (teaching them to go to their dog bed), Heel, and Drop It.  These are part of the 5 Obedience Commands to Make Life Easier.  The key is to get your dog to the point of true reliability, where your dog will listen to you “out in the real world”, around a heavy level of distractions and without the need to treats.    

If you have any questions about your new puppy or adult dog, please feel free to contact me today for pricing and to find out how I can help you with our dog:  914-774-7654 or Steve@SRDogTraining.com

Lily joined my puppy training program at just 16 weeks old. She is a beautiful, happy & sweet puppy, who is eager to learn. In our first training session, we covered my very successful housebreaking protocol, how to best handle Lily’s puppy biting and hewing, as well as the important principles of daily living with her adult dog brother.

In our next sessions, we will begin my Beginner Obedience Training program. Lilly will start learning how to “Sit”, “Come”, “Down”, “Drop It”, & “Stay”.

Let’s get your puppy started off right, with my in-home puppy training program. Contact me today, to find out how I can help you & your puppy: 914-774-7654

Do you want to improve your adult dog’s leash walking, obedience training, jumping on people, stealing items off the kitchen counter? I can definitely help you with that, so contact me today to learn how: Steve@SRDogTraining.com