Obedience Training Putnam NY

King is a 14-month old German Shepherd who I was called in to help with¬†obedience training Putnam¬†NY.¬† The goal was for him to safely and happily coexist with their family cat.¬† In order to achieve this,¬†we created a plan on how to introduce him to the family cat.¬† This plan centered around proper, gradual, and controlled introductions.¬† The most common errors owners make when introducing two animals, whether it be dog-cat or dog-dog, is to rush the process and take the “lets see what happens” approach.

Obedience Training Putnam NYObedience Training in Putnam NY

Having a multi-pet household is a struggle for so many pet owners.  I receive countless calls from families who need assistance with having their dog/cat, dog/dog, and even dog/bird to live harmoniously together in the home.  My S.R. Dog Training system is very effective in helping to achieve this.  However, many other trainers use the wrong training techniques, which lead to negative repercussions that will move you further from your goal.  Make sure you are utilizing safe, fair, and effective techniques when training your dog.  There are 5 Obedience Commands to Make Your Life Easier and they will help you with Obedience Training Putnam NY.

We took King through my obedience training program and dramatically improved his overall level of obedience.¬† Most owners want their dog to have a rock solid recall (‚ÄúCome‚ÄĚ) command and a reliable ‚ÄúStay‚ÄĚ command when faced with distractions.¬† My training system helps owners take their dog from where they are now, and transform them into a well-balanced, happy and obedient member of the family.

Obedience Training Putnam NY

Obedience Training Putnam NY  Obedience Training in Putnam NY
Watson is a super cute, happy, and friendly 10 week old French Mastiff puppy!  His owners are experienced dog owners, who already have three other dogs.  They understand the important of early puppy training, so they contacted me for Puppy Obedience Training in Putnam NY.  See how well Watson get along with his three dog brothers and sister.

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Obedience Training Putnam NY

Tiger was saved from a NYC Kill Shelter and spent three years in a Putnam County No Kill Shelter.  I trained Tiger on his obedience training when he was in the shelter and worked with his new owners on obedience training Putnam NY.

Tiger is a very high energy dog who is intelligent and eager to please.  By implementing very basic structure and leadership strategies, we made his transition from the shelter to his new home a very positive and happy experience.

Too many owners struggle with their dog ‚Äúrunning wild‚ÄĚ in their home (jumping on furniture, tearing items up, etc.).¬†¬† There is no need for you to live frustrated and stressed with your dog.¬†¬†By using¬†the right training system, you can live harmoniously with your dog and have the life you have always wanted.¬†¬†There are¬†5 Obedience Training Commands to Make Your Life Easier, and they will make your life easier and less stressful for both¬†you and your dog.¬†¬†

Tiger is now enjoying a happy life with a great family.  Shelters are full of very deserving dogs that will make terrific additions to a family.  Please choose to adopt and support your local animal shelters.  If your dog ignores your commands and you are in need of obedience training in Putnam NY, find out about my Adult Dog Training Program.

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