Labrador Puppy Training in Putnam County NY

Harley is a 15 week old Yellow Labrador puppy, whose owner contact me for in-home Labrador puppy training in Putnam County NY. As with most puppies, our initial focus is on housebreaking, puppy biting, and leash walking. Once we covered those elements in our first session, we moved onto teaching basic obedience commands (Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Drop It).  Check out other Labrador training videos below…

Harley is a very intelligent, happy, and playful young puppy. His owners are very smart in utilizing puppyhood to develop the bond, obedience, and socialization that will last a lifetime. A few training sessions as a puppy, can prevent so many behavioral issues later on in life, which would require much more time, money, and effort to solve.Labrador Puppy Training in Putnam County NYLabrador Puppy Training Putnam County NY

Labrador Puppy Training in Putnam County NY

Here is a quick training video of Maisy, an 11 week old Labrador Puppy.  She was also learning her beginner obedience training.

Kiki is a 1 year old puppy, whose training we started at a young age.  Early proper training allows you to achieve quick results and off-leash reliability.

Boone is Kiki’s older brother.  We did his training as an adult dog, and achieved off-leash obedience training with him.

I have successfully trained hundreds of dogs, of all breeds, ages, and sizes.  Owners contact me every day, for help with various behavior issues, puppy training, obedience commands, and leash walking.  So regardless of what you need help with, I can help you!

If you need Labrador Puppy Training in Putnam County NY or anything else, please feel free to contact me today. with your questions or to find out pricing and more info:  914-774-7654 or