Finley is a very happy and intelligent 8 month old Goldendoodle. However he had a tendency to bark and try to bite anyone he didn’t know. As a result, his owners contacted me for Goldendoodle training in Westchester NY.

Goldendoodle Training in Westchester NY

Finley was protective over his home, as well as the office he would normally go to on a daily basis with his owner. This was very stressful for his owners, and out of necessity, he was no longer able to go to the office that he loved.

I am very pleased with the amazing transformation Finley made in such a short amount of time. This is a testament to his dedicated owners implementing proper training.

Here is what Finley’s owners had to say about our Goldendoodle Training in Westchester NY.

“I called Steve when our eight-month-old puppy, Finley was barking viciously and biting anyone who entered our house. Our family was ready to give the puppy away. Steve came to the rescue!

He taught us the skills to manage his behavior as well as guide us to the best ways to handle each and every situation. After only 2 weeks, we saw marked improvements and our out of control puppy was becoming manageable and less aggressive.

Finley finished his training, and we are so impressed with his transformation. Thank you Steve for teaching our family how to manage Finley and have him remain a cherished member of our family.” – Leesa Singleton, Mount Kisco NY

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Here is a short clip of my training clip of Goldendoodle Training in Westchester NY, with Sadie, a 13 week old Goldendoodle Puppy.

Goldendoodle Training in Westchester NY

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Ralphie is a young-adult Goldendoodle, whose owner contacted me for Goldendoodle training in Westchester NY.  Ralphie’s owner needed help with leash walking, obedience training, and overall high energy.  The above video is a short clip of the amazing progress Ralphie has made with a structured game of tug and obedience training.

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Goldendoodle Puppy Training Westchester NY

Bella’s family was struggling with housebreaking issues, that were leaving them frustrated and constantly cleaning up housebreaking accidents.  This is VERY common for puppy owners, so the first thing we addressed was the very effective housebreaking approach I use with every puppy training client.

Once we had the subject of housebreaking out of the way, we focused on puppy biting and how Bella’s owners should address this.  When it comes to puppy biting, this is normal and natural behavior for young puppies (under 6 months of age), but you want to make sure you are handling it properly in order to communicate clearly to your dog in a way they understand.  Here is what Bella’s owner had to say about our training, “Steve is professional, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. He provides easy step by step solutions to problems and his help has made puppy training successful and enjoyable!” – Julie O’Connor

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