French Bulldog Training in Westchester NY

Winston, Penny, and Posey’s families’ contacted me for French Bulldog Training in Westchester NY.  They are three amazing French Bulldogs in Westchester NY.

French Bulldog Training in Westchester NY
Winston – French Bulldog Training in Westchester NY

Winston is an intelligent, handsome, and very friendly boy who is excelling at everything we are teaching him.  We have taught him not to beg at the dinner table, jump on guests who visit, to walk nicely on leash and the Beginner Obedience Commands (Come, Sit, Down, Stay).

Penny & Posey are French Bulldog “Sisters” and the cutest duo possible.  They are smart, happy and love everyone.  With their French Bulldog Training in Westchester NY, we are working on their leash walking, obedience training, and resolving their housebreaking issues.

You would not believe the AMAZING leash walking transformation we made in only one training session with both dogs.  With proper training, Penny and Posey’s family is able to walk both of them comfortably at their side with no pulling.  A nice comfortable and enjoyable walk with possible for every owner and something every dog deserves. 

French Bulldog Training in Westchester NY

It goes without saying that these three French Bulldogs are unbelievably cute and intelligent, but they also have very loving and dedicated owners. Their families’ are committed to their training and that is enabling us to make the amazing training transformations we have in just a few training sessions.

Whether you need French Bulldog Training in Westchester NY or any other training, it should NOT be an expensive and long drawn out process.  With the right training approach, that uses proven dog training principles, we can help you and your dog live a happier and stress-free life together.

With nearly a decade of training experience and 1,000+ dogs trained throughout Westchester NY, Putnam NY, and CT – Contact me today to find out how I can help you and your Puppy or Adult Dog, that way you can experience the same success these families have!

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French Bulldog Training Westchester NY

French Bulldogs have certainly gained a lot of popularity over recent years, with Sadie being my 4th Frenchie client in the past month alone! She is a 5 month old French Bulldog and during our first training session, we focused on Separation Anxiety, housebreaking, and starting Beginner Obedience training. Sadie is a great puppy, with a wonderful family – she is going to make a terrific family dog!

French Bulldog Puppy Training Westchester NY

Lucky is the 5th French Bulldog I have trained in Westchester in the just past three months. He is a handsome 9 month old French Bulldog who struggles with stealing (and destroying) household items, housebreaking, and overall obedience.

Lucky is a very friendly boy and these are common issues for many owners to struggle with. So contact me today, to find out how I can help you and your dog: 914-774-7654 |

French Bulldog Training