Electric Fence for Dogs

I have to start off by saying that you cannot beat a solid fence when it comes to keeping your dog safe in the yard, but an electric fence for dogs can be a viable option for many owners. An electric fence  for dogs are cheaper than wood or vinyl fences and provide a good way to help keep your four-legged family member in the yard.

You must keep in mind that an electric fence will not keep strangers, animals, and other dogs out of your yard. So you can’t simply let your dog outside and “forget about them”. You must still keep a watchful eye on them while they are outside.

I always encourage my clients who are considering an electric fence to have a professional company do the install and training. Both of these aspects must be thoroughly done in order to keep your dog safe, so don’t look to save a couple bucks by doing it yourself.

Another caveat is to have the fence line end 10-30ft. from the curb or road. You do NOT want your dog to develop the bad habit of charging the road to bark at cars, people, and other dogs as they pass by. This will lead to unwanted behavioral issues and could make your dog more vulnerable to injury from street traffic or passerby’s. I would sacrifice a little space with the fence in order to prevent major issues that will be hard to rectify.

Electric Fence for Dogs

From a dog training perspective: If your dog is not fully off-leash trained, never let them off-leash unless in a securely fenced in area. It’s way too easy for your dog to ignore when you say “Come” (even if it’s just 1 out of every 10 times), which could lead to your dog getting lost or worse. If you want to learn how to teach your dog to “Come” when called, contact me today to find out how.

Having a fenced in yard is a great luxury, which can make your life easier and more enjoyable for your dog. However it is not a replacement for daily structured walks and play sessions. Your dog needs one-on-one time with you every day.  Running around the yard is not sufficient mental and physical exercise.

Electric Fence for Dogs

Without adequate exercise, your dog will begin displaying unwanted behaviors, such as excessive barking, jumping, hole digging in the yard, destroying household items, etc. So remember, an electric fence for dogs is not a replacement for proper exercise, it is just a supplement.