Dog Training in South Salem NY

Jackson is a happy and friendly Newfoundland who was very high energy and unruly. His owners considered him to be “too much dog” for them and their lifestyle, so they contacted me for dog training in South Salem NY. Jackson would bark, jump on furniture, steal items in the home and play “keep away” when his owners tried to get it back. He knew his basic commands but would only listen when he wanted or only if his owners had a treat. Like most families, their time and energy were limited resources. They really wanted help to ease their stress and frustration, so they can enjoy their life with Jackson. Within the first week of implementing the basics of my program, they said they noticed a marked improvement.Dog Training in South Salem NY

Our goal for the first week was to provide constructive outlets for Jackson’s mental and physical energy. Too much pent up energy in a dog translates into hyperactivity and bratty behavior. We utilized structured walks and play sessions to relieve his physical energy, and obedience training to relieve his mental energy. I showed Jackson’s family how to best handle his bratty behavior in the home. It is very important to prevent unwanted behaviors from occurring, so they don’t become more engrained for the dog. Once we prevent bad behaviors from occurring, we can replace them with more appropriate behaviors that the dog will learn to perform. None of what we did was magical or difficult, we just implemented clear and simple routines that the dog understands and owners can easily implement.

The next step in our training was to get Jackson to reliably listen to his owner’s commands – regardless if distractions were present and even if they didn’t have a treat. Obedience training should not take extra time out of your day. I suggest owners use obedience commands in their everyday routine. That’s why I have 5 Obedience Commands to Make Your Life Easier.

The issues that Jackson’s owners were struggling with were nothing new. Owners contact me every day looking for a dog trainer who can help them with dog training in South Salem NY or anywhere else in Westchester, Putnam, and Connecticut. I only use simple, safe, and effective dog training methods to help owners achieve the stress-free and enjoyable life they have always wanted with their dog.

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Dog Training in South Salem NY

Labradoodle’s are one of the most common breeds I train. Tuko is a super cute 15 week old puppy. In only our first puppy training session, we went over:

1. My extremely successful housebreaking plane.
2. How to properly handle puppy biting & chewing.
3. The correct way to teach your dog to stop jumping on company that visit your home.
4. Began my Beginner Obedience Training System.

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**Client Update: The above photo was Tuko at just 15 weeks old. The below photo is him now at about 9 months old. In our recent follow-up session, we focused on how to improve Tuko’s jumping on family/guests who enter the home, leash walking, & preventing his stealing of items off the kitchen counter.

Proper dog training should not take an extensive amount of training sessions, we can make huge strides in a very short time. Contact me today to find out how!

Puppy Training in South Salem NY