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13 week old Bella is an extremely cute and intelligent Rottweiler puppy. Bella’s family are experienced Rottweiler owners, so they contacted me for Dog Training in Putnam Valley NY, as they understood the importance of early proper training.

Two of the greatest influencers of a well-behaved and obedient dog, are proper training and socialization. That’s why I always encourage new puppy owners to utilize my Puppy Socialization Checklist.

Dog Training in Putnam Valley NY  Puppy Training Putnam Valley NY

In conjunction with socialization, we make sure to teach all puppies the 5 Obedience Commands to Make Your Life Easier.

Puppies are a clean slate that are constantly learning. Whether you think you are training them or not, they are observing and taking life in. It’s essential that you capitalize on this clean slate, so you can lay a proper foundation that will last a lifetime. This will make your life easier and less stressful, because you will have an obedient and well-behaved dog.

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Client Success Story for Dog Training in Putnam Valley NY:  Hear What Luna’s Owners Have to Say…

Dog Training in Putnam Valley NY

“When we first rescued our Pit Bull puppy Luna, we were apprehensive as neither of us had been dog owners before.  My husband met Steve on a service call and we contacted him right away.  At our first meeting we were confident that we had made the correct decision to hire Steve right away.

He answered our questions thoughtfully and precisely in a manner which made us understand our mistakes as well as our progress.  Each week Luna had improved which concreted the fact that we all were engaged in a program that would yield the perfect dog.

I was not sure that Luna would ever be the great listener that she is now.  It was our pleasure to work with Steve because the results we hoped for were definitely achieved.”Gail and Joey Anderek, Putnam Valley NY

Dog Trainer in Putnam Valley NY

Dog Training in Putnam Valley NY

Reilly is a very typical 2 year old Dachshund, he is devoted, affectionate and kind.  However he is also extremely stubborn and strong-willed.  Riley was very reluctant to go on walks or partake in any other type of physical exercise/play.  Instead, he preferred to just lounge around the house and relax.  As a result, he started to put on weight, which is a usual problem for Dachshund.  Reilly’s owners knew they needed to break him of his stubborn streak, so they contacted me for dog training in Putnam Valley NY.

First we looked at how to address Reilly’s resistance to go for a walk.  We evaluated their current leash walking routine and made adjustments to the structure and technique they were using.  These two elements proved to be the cure for this plaguing ailment.  Once we got Reilly use to walking comfortably on a leash, both him and his owners enjoyed the physical exercise and opportunity to bond.

Now that we got Reilly out of the house, we had to work on his socialization.  His owners have a great relationship with him, but they had to expose him to new sights, sounds, and people.  Frequent and consistent exposure to varying stimuli is very important to creating a well-rounded and balanced dog.

We needed to develop a set routine for proper introductions.  Reilly’s owners needed a template for how he should meet and greet new people they come across on walks and around the neighborhood.  We would consider saying “Hello” and shaking someone’s hand to be a socially acceptable way to greet a new person.  However most dogs have learned to exuberantly jump on people they meet.  Not only is this socially unacceptable, but also potentially dangerous.  Instead of doing this, we taught Reilly to calmly and politely sit and wait while they are petted by people they meet.

Reilly’s owners were very happy to see the changes in him.  They can now enjoy time outside and they are proud of the way he walks on leash and meets new people.  Dedicated and loving owners coupled with the right system of dog training in Putnam Valley NY can offer a lifetime of success and happiness.

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