Dog Training in Peekskill NY

River’s owner contacted me for dog training in Peekskill NY.  She is a very sweet, playful, and intelligent Australian Cattle Dog/German Shepherd mix puppy.  She is excelling in my Puppy Training program, where we are focusing on her housebreaking, crate training, puppy biting/mouthing/chewing, leash walking and beginner obedience training.

Dog Training in Peekskill NY River is learning how to walk nicely on leash with her owner and dog walker.  Her tendency used to be to constantly stop on her walks (resulting in her owner having to drag her to move) and pull toward all dogs and people she saw on walks.  We are now teaching her to walking politely on leash, which makes for a more comfortable and relaxed walk for both her and whoever takes her for a walk.

Dog Training in Peekskill NY

We are teaching River her obedience commands which consist of: Sit, Down, Come, Drop It, Place, and Heel.  Click HERE for more info on the obedience commands that every dog should know and will make your life easier.  Proper obedience training should be centered on positively motivating and rewarding the desirable command, progressing on distractions, and strategically fading out the use of treats so you will not be reliant on them forever.  The goal should be for your dog to listen to reliably in the “real world”, around cars, bicycles, people, and other animals. 

Regardless if you need help with puppy or adult dog training in Peekskill NY, it is important to set both you and your dog up for success so you can live a happier and more fulfilled life with your dog.  I have been proudly providing at-home dog training and puppy training in Peekskill NY for over 6 years.  So regardless of your dog’s breed, age or size, I can help YOU.

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Puppy Training in Peekskill NY