Dog Training in Patterson NY

Dog Training in Patterson NY – Solving ANY Dog Training Problem

Dog Training in Patterson NY

Bubbles is a two year old Lab/Pitbull mix who was rescued the day he was scheduled to be euthanized.  I offer my dog training services pro bono to a select group of animal shelters and rescue organizations.  We were able to solve his leash pulling issues within minutes, and address his high energy/bratty behavior (jumping on people and biting the leash) during our first session.

Leash pulling, jumping, and leash biting are VERY common issues that countless dog owners struggle with.  Fortunately these are some of the easiest challenges to solve.  I offer dog training in Patterson NY, but I have clients travel from all over NY and surrounding states to meet with me for training.  

Dogs should NOT be pulling, lunging, constantly sniffing/marking when on a walk.  A structured walk consists of having your dog at your side and walking on a loose leash.  This makes for a relaxed and enjoyable walk for both you and your dog.  We focused on proper technique, concepts, and body position – which resulted in Bubbles becoming calm and well-behaved in just one training session.   

My S.R. Dog Training always uses simple, safe, and effective methods of dog training.  It does not take weeks or months to fix a dog’s leash pulling issues.  Whether you have been struggling with your dog for years or just a few days, my program can help you and your dog.  If you need dog training in Patterson NY or anywhere else, I can help you achieve the relaxed and stress-free relationship you have always wanted with your dog or puppy.

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Dog Training in Patterson NY

This owner was struggling for years to walk her four powerful and out of control dogs.  She worked with a trainer in the past, but that was an unsuccessful and disappointing experience.  As a result, she contacted me of dog training in Patterson NY.

Her dogs were constantly pulling, marking, and dragging her down the road.  This is a potentially dangerous and definitely uncomfortable experience for both dog and owner. 

She was unable to walk her dogs, so they only had access to a small outside pen.  This leads to increased weight gain, pent up energy, constant barking and destructive/bratty behavior in the home.

Within just a few hours, I helped her and her boyfriend be able to each take two dogs at a time on a comfortable, relaxed, and structured walk.  I specialize in adult dog training in Patterson NY in order to help owners with obedience training, leash walking, puppy training, and behavior issues.

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