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Regardless if you need dog training in Mount Kisco NY, all dog owners want a stress-free relationship with their dog. One aspect of a stress-free and happy relationships is having the peace of mind in trusting your dog to reliably listen (regardless of distractions) when off-leash.  If you have tried training your dog or even worked with another dog trainer in the past, but did not achieve the results you wanted, don’t feel like you are out of options.  As a professional dog trainer in Mount Kisco NY, I have helped owners address behavior issues, obedience training, and puppy training with dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes.

Tully’s owners take him for daily hikes at a land preserve near Mount Kisco NY, where he is faced with high level distractions – horses, deer, other dogs, people, etc. They wanted him to listen when off-leash at home or anywhere else. This will help to keep Tully and other people/animals safe.

In order to achieve this, we implemented my safe, simple, and effective obedience training program. Tully and his owners benefited from remote collar training as a communication tool in order to increase dependability and true obedience.

“I have been very pleased with the training my dog, Tully, received from S & R Dog Training. Tully is an 18 month old labradoodle – very high energy and he has a will of his own! We worked with Steve Reid from S.R. Dog Training for approximately three months and my wife and I were delighted with the progress Tully made.   Steve tailored his training to Tully’s personality (and to my wife and I as well). He was patient, very, very positive and very consistent.

We enjoy walking Tully off-leash at parks in the area, but his recall was not consistent. After his work with Steve, Tully now always comes when he’s called. Even in the most distracted situations, when he’s playing with other dogs, for example, or wanting to chase a deer or a squirrel, we call Tully and he disengages from the activity. Now we can walk Tully safely, and we can thank Steve for his work with both Tully and us.” – Marc Heller

Dog Training in Mount Kisco NYWhether you need dog training in Mount Kisco NY or anywhere else, it is important to utilize an obedience training and dog training system that is proven successful with all dogs – regardless of breed, age or size.

Puppyhood is the perfect opportunity to lay a proper foundation of structure, obedience, and housebreaking that will last a lifetime. If you need puppy training in Mount Kisco NY read Puppy Training Tips article to help you get started. Contact me with any questions you have about puppy training, obedience training, or dog training in Mount Kisco NY.

Dog Training in Mount Kisco NY 10549Dog Training in Mount Kisco NY

Sampson is a 2 year old Corgi who is very strong minded and keeps his owners “on their toes”.  Sampson has a terrific family, but they had a tendency to baby him when he was younger.  As a result, he developed a very entitled mentality which is not causing his family a great deal of stress.  The have now reached the point where they not only want, but need  dog training. 

Sampson is friendly with those he knows and when he gets his way.  However he is not afraid to be aggressive toward those he does not know and when someone tries to have him do something he does not want to do.  This is not unusual behavior for dogs who feel they are the “pack leader” within the family.  Not only do I provide in-home dog training in Mount Kisco NY, but I specialize in aggressive dogs.  Even though Sampson is small in size, it is still not pleasant for his owners and their guests if he bit someone.  As a result, we are taking him through my complete dog training program.  This will enable use to elevate his level of obedience commands and make the shift so his owners will now be the “pack leaders”.

Whatever you are currently facing with your dog, there is no need for you to continue to struggle.  Contact me today so we can go over what will be helpful to make life easier and less-stressful for you and your dog.
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