Dog Training in Katonah NY

Ripley is an exceptionally happy, affectionate, & intelligent 6 month old Chocolate Lab Puppy.  Her owners contacted me for Dog Training in Katonah NY, and in just three weeks of training, she has made fantastic progress with her obedience commands!
I am excited to see how well Ripley continues to improve with her training!  For more info and to find out how I can help you and your dog:  914-774-7654 or 

Bogie is a playful 14 week old puppy whose family was looking to be proactive with his training.  They wanted to make the housebreaking process as fast and simple as possible and address common puppy issues such as: mouthing, chewing on objects, barking, proper socialization, crate training, and obedience training.  Bogie’s family is very conscientious and dedicated to the training, which enabled us to achieve amazing results.  Below is what Bogie’s owner had to say about Dog Training in Katonah NY:

Dog Training in Katonah NY
Dog Training in Katonah NY

“My family loves dogs – we have had anywhere from 1-3 dogs in our house.  I volunteer in animal rescue and am a board member for the PAWs organization. As much as we love our pets and think we are good owners, I would never say our pets were particularly well trained.  We thought we were doing a lot of things well, but we kept getting the same results…very lovable loyal pets that would occasionally have accidents and do not regularly follow commands.

We recently got another puppy named Bogie – this time we knew we needed a new approach. Instead of assuming we knew how to raise a puppy, we really researched puppy training.  During our extensive research, the most helpful articles were posted by S.R Dog Training. We started crate training (for the first time ever) and we relied on S.R. Dog Training’s blog posts for helpful tips.  We were very impressed with the quality of information Steve provided and liked his approach as a trainer.  We decided to hire Steve and could not be happier with the results.

Some of the challenges we worked on together included housebreaking, mouthing issues, obedience commands, separation anxiety and his interactions with our other dogs.  We have made amazing progress on all fronts in a very short time.  Before hiring Steve, we couldn’t even brush Bogie without having him try to chew on our hands/brush or try to jump on us. Now he sits like an angel when we groom him.

Very quickly Bogie became more housebroken that the two dogs we have owned for years (we are now introducing the older dogs to the S.R. system…who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, I just saw our 7 year old dog Rosie sit on command for the first time ever today!!!)  Steve is very knowledgeable, a terrific teacher and patient.  He also clearly cares about the welfare and success of the pet.  I would highly recommend him to any pet owner.” – Veronica Katz  Katonah, NY

Bogie’s success story of Dog Training in Katonah NY is very typical of what you can expect from S.R. Dog Training.  I only use a simple, safe, and effective puppy training, obedience training, and dog training principles that works with any dog and any problem.

Puppy Training in Katonah NY 10536

Puppy Training in Katonah NY

We also started beginner level obedience training which Mila learned very quickly.  Within just eight weeks, we were able to have Mila off leash obedience trained using low level remote collar training.  Her owner works as an equestrian trainer at a horse farm, so Mila runs free without a leash all day.  For safety reasons, it was essential that Mila be reliable with her obedience commands despite the presence of a high level of distractions.

We utilize treats in the beginner level of obedience training, but gradually fade them away.  True obedience training is  the dog listening to your commands without having to bribe them with a treat and having your dog listen to your command the first time you say it.  Whether you are in need of dog training in Katonah NY of anywhere else, these same guidelines of successful obedience training should still apply.

Using a safe, simple, and effective training principles enables all dogs; regardless of breed, size or age to be fully trained.  There is no need for you to struggle with your older dog or new puppy.  Simply begin using proven dog training principles, and you can achieve the stress free relationship you have always wanted with your dog.

Dog Training in Katonah NY 10536

Teddy and Echo are two 100+lb adult Newfoundlands.  Their owner contacted me for Dog Training in Katonah NY, as she wanted to comfortably walk both of these strong dogs at the same time.  As with many of my clients, she worked with another well-known dog trainer who was unable to help her.  Within just 30 minutes, we were able to achieve these amazing results and solve a problem that has been plaguing her for several years.  This just goes to show what can be achieved with using sound dog training principles that are proven effective with dogs of any breed, age or size.