Dog Training in Hawthorne NY

Savannah is an adorable, yet typical, 6 month old female Beagle. Her owners contacted me for dog training in Hawthorne NY to initially help with housebreaking. Beagles generally take longer to housebreak, but by using my simple and progressive housebreaking program, we were able to easily and quickly housebreak Savannah. Beagles, like all dogs, benefit from early obedience training. Once our housebreaking plan was in place we began obedience training.

Savannah was an excellent student in her training, especially since we begin all training with positive food/treat rewards. Beagles (and most dogs) are more than happy to do anything for their favorite treat. She is smart and attentive in her training, which provided us the opportunity to set clear expectations and a foundation of obedience that will last a lifetime. By using a proven obedience training system, we saw gradual and continual progress. We quickly eliminated the use of treats in her training, that way her owners won’t have to rely on them and Savannah will listen regardless if they have treats or not.

Her owners were well aware that Beagles are known for being stubborn and “hard to train”. As a result, they wanted a dog trainer in Hawthorne NY that had experience working with all breeds of dogs and developing true reliable obedience. Savannah’s owners were committed to her training, which is one of the most important aspects in achieving a successful outcome.

With housebreaking and obedience training under their belt, we finished up training by creating a comfortable and relaxed walk for both Savannah and her owners. Before we started training, Savannah would pull her owners all around their neighborhood, constantly sniffing and wanting to meet every person and dog that passed by. This is a common issue that most dog owners struggle with, but fortunately it is one of the easiest to solve. By using proper body position and technique, we transformed what was an uncomfortable and frustrating walk into a fun and enjoyable experience in just one training session.

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Dog Training in Hawthorne NY

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