Dog Training in Dobbs Ferry NY

Chase’s family was in desperate need of dog training in Dobbs Ferry NY, as their 18 month old Bull Terrier was escaping out the front door. Not only was this becoming an annoying habit for them to contend with on a daily basis, but also a huge safety issue. They live close to a main road and Chase would play a game of “catch me if you can” once he was outside off-leash.

Dog Training in Dobbs Ferry NY

It’s very important for dogs to learn to honor thresholds and not just bolt out the front door whenever it is opened. In conjunction with teaching this concept to Chase, we also taught him to reliably “Come” when called. That way when he is outside, he can be off-leash, enjoying the freedom, and his owners have peace of mind in knowing he will come when they call.

If you would like your dog to reliably “Come” when you call, without the need for treats, and even with a high level of distractions, contact me today so we can discuss how to make that possible for your dog:
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Dog Training in Dobbs Ferry NY

Cooper is a bright and energetic 6 month old Chocolate Lab.  His owners contacted me for dog training in Dobbs Ferry NY because of several challenges:  jumping on their grandchildren and guests, had a habit of stealing items off tables and countertops, leash walking issues, and not coming when called.  These are typical issues I see every day, and knew with a few simple techniques and the support of his loving owners, they would (and did) successfully remedy these habits.  Any challenges you are facing with your dog who is younger than 9 months old, can be solved with my Puppy Training Program.  Dogs over 9 month old are part of my Adult Dog Training Program. 

We began our training by addressing counter surfing.  Taking items off counters and tables is unacceptable, as it is a major safety issue for Cooper.  There is are countless items he could get into and potentially injure himself with: knives, toxic foods, medicines, hot stove top, etc.  We came up with a clear and concise plan which his owners implemented right away.

Addressing leash walking problems is an easy fix which we can solve in just 1 training session.  A relaxed and enjoyable walk is something every owner should be able to experience with their dog.  Most healthy dogs need a structured walk of about 15-30 minutes twice a day.  It relieves their physical energy, provides mental stimulation and makes for an overall healthy dog.  I was able to provide Cooper’s owners with a concrete leash walking protocol that both owner and dog took to immediately.

The problem of jumping on guests is a common complaint from dog owners and one that could be prevented with early intervention.  As I like to say, “What you accept from your cute 12 week old puppy is what you will get when they are 3 years old and 75 pounds.”  It’s essential that we do not allow and encourage behaviors in a puppy that we would not want them doing when they are full grown. 

After Cooper stole an item off the counter or table, he would play “keep away” and not come back to his owners.  Having a reliable recall “Come” command is arguably the most important of all obedience commands.  Not only does it make your life easier, but it helps to keep your dog safe.  As I do with most clients, we are taking Cooper through my three phase obedience training program.  This will help develop true obedience, which means Cooper listens regardless of distractions and even if his owners do not have treats.

Yes, Cooper did have quite a list of challenges that were causing his owners stress and frustration, but this is not unusual at all.  Whether it be dog training in Dobbs Ferry NY or anywhere else, I work with owners everyday who are looking for simple and safe solutions to the struggles they are experiencing with their dog. 

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3 Month Client Update:
I just recently heard from Cooper’s owners in regards to his progress since our last dog training session, and “He is doing great and getting better!”  His owners were very smart to be proactive and start training with him as soon as they noticed these challenges arising.  However even if you have an older dog with prolonged “bad behaviors”, we can still achieve an amazing transformation by using simple and proven dog training principles.

Dog Training Dobbs Ferry NYPenelope is an 11 week old Coton de Tulear puppy, whose owners contacted me for in-home dog training in Dobbs Ferry NY. I always commend owners when they want to start proper training early with their dog. It is always much easier to do one or two training sessions early, than it is to do back later with an adult dog and correct problems that could have been easily prevented.

In our initial puppy training session, we covered housebreaking, puppy biting, and started beginner obedience training. Penelope is a very happy and playful puppy, so it will be great for her owners to resolve housebreaking issues and puppy biting as quickly as possible, that way they can fully enjoy her without the worry of accidents and constant biting.

I start Beginner Obedience Training with puppies as early as 8 weeks old. Puppies are eager to learn and will either learn good habits and behaviors, or they will acquire unwanted behaviors. That’s why it is so important to properly teach them to “Come”, “Stay”, and “Leave It”.

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