Dog Training in Danbury CT

Sophie is a 4 year old Havapoo. She is happy, very intelligent, and friendly. Her owners were struggling with Sophie’s Separation Anxiety whenever she was left alone. She also had the undesirable habit of jumping on the table in order to steal paper items (napkins, tissues, etc.), so they reached out to me for Dog Training in Danbury CT.

Sophie’s family are very responsible dog owners, as they were proactive in educating themselves and trying various methods of training prior to contacting me. They realized her behaviors were getting worse and they needed professional help, so they sought my in-home dog training.

During our first training session, we implemented actionable steps which solved Sophie’s tendency to jump on the table and steal napkins. Now that issue was out of the way, we began an Obedience-First Training Approach to help with her Separation Anxiety.

This is designed to build her self-confidence and improve her overall level of obedience commands. A lack of confidence contributes to Separation Anxiety, so boosting her confidence will improve her anxiety.

Sophie took to obedience training like a duck takes to water. I am truly impressed with her rapid progress and her owners’ dedication to training. Here is what Sophie’s Owner had to say:

Dog Training in Danbury CT

“Thank you Steve for all of your hard work, dedication and expertise with our Sophie. Sophie is our world, and we didn’t know how to help her, we were out of ideas, until we met you! Thank you for always being on time, professional and treating us and Sophie with respect. You not only taught Sophie, you taught Bobby and I as well. Sophie is a different dog today, and we can’t thank you enough!” – Maria Pinella, Danbury CT

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Trinity and Brady are two terrific dogs recently adopted from a local animal shelter. Their owners were looking for dog training in Danbury CT and contacted me for assistance. Both Trinity and Brady were in need of complete obedience training. Trinity only listened to “Sit” when treats were present and Brady did not listen at all. Their owners were very frustrated with the fact that they would not “Come” when called, which made the task of getting them in the house when playing in the yard to be very difficult and time consuming.

The greatest struggle for their owners, is the fact that Brady has a very significant fear of men. We have no way of knowing what perpetuated this fear, but it makes life very difficult for his male owner and anyone else who visits the home. During my initial consultation, I could clearly see that Brady was uncomfortable with me being there. However after about 20 minutes, I was able to present him with a few dog treats which he ate.

As a result of Brady’s fear, we needed to come up with a very specific training plan which we will appropriately progress as we move through the training process. The first thing we did was have Brady’s male owner be the one who feeds him both his meals each day, take him out for daily walks, and provide him special high value treats that Brady only gets from him. We are doing this in order to make Brady realize that all fun and special things come from his male owner. This will help to make a positive association and elevate the importance of his male owner in his life.

Since Trinity and Brady lacked all obedience commands, we are taking them both through my complete obedience training program. When looking for dog training in Danbury CT, make sure you only enlist the help of a trainer who uses simple, safe, and effective dog training principles.

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Max is a young adult Long Haired German Shepherd who is a terrific family dog, but he was difficult to walk on a leash and lacked reliability with obedience commands.  His training focused on solving his leash pulling issues and creating reliable off leash obedience through the use of my in-home dog training in Danbury CT.

These are very common struggles for so many dog owners.  It is especially important to have a well-behaved dog when the family has young children and a large breed dog.  This was the case with Max’s family, so it was very smart that they wanted to address these challenges.  Regardless of your dog’s breed, age or size, it is important to have a well-mannered and obedience dog.  It is always best to be proactive and start dog training early, but if you have an older dog with ongoing problems, we can solve just about any issue by using sound and proven dog training principles – as we did in Max’s case.

This is what Max’s owner has to say about their training success:

“Thanks for helping me train Max.  Before we began working with Steve, Max would come only if he felt like it.  Which was becoming a safety issue when he would take off running across the street.  We worked with the recall command and now he’s very obedient and turns to come at the sound of his name.  The leash pulling on walks is 100% better and now it’s enjoyable to take him on his walks.  Thanks Steve!”- Melissa Brown

Whether you are in need of obedience training, puppy training and dog training in Danbury CT or any nearby towns, it is essential to use a safe system of dog training. We achieved these results with Max in just 5 training sessions. These results ARE typical of what you will see with in-home dog training.

Dog Training in Danbury CT

Here is a 6-month update from Max’s owner:
“Hi Steve, Max is doing great! Been taking him on my runs in the mornings and he’s so good!  Very obedient even when the pesky little squirrel comes onto our porch and teases him, lol.  Thanks again for helping us with him.” – Melissa Brown

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Dog Training Danbury CT

Nala is a 2 year old Golden Retriever and her brother Manny, is an 18 month old Basset Hound German Shepherd Mix. Their family was having issues drying Nala’s fur and paws with a towel when she would come in from outside or get out of the pool. Each time they tried, Nala would growl, raise her lips, and show her teeth. Needless to say, this was concerning for her owners. As a result, they contacted me for my in-home dog training in Danbury CT.

In order to address this, I taught Nala and her family my specialized grooming and Veterinary care protocol. This is a great way to teach your dog not only to tolerate, but enjoy getting their fur brushed, nails cut, vaccinations given at the Vet, and general handling.

Dog Training in Danbury CT

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