Dog Trainers Near Me

Lily a very smart, happy, and friendly 5 year old Cockapoo whose owner was looking for dog trainers near me, and reached out to me for help with her dog.  Lily’s family wants to address her habits of jumping on people when she is excited to greet them and her very clever ability to steal food off of the dinner table.  These are very typical behaviors for many dogs, but definitely something to address.  Not only is it annoying when dogs jump on people or the table, it is potentially dangerous if they knock someone over, accidentally scratch with their paws, or ingest an inedible food item (causing poisoning or intestinal blockage – both are unfortunately very common in dogs). 

Dog Trainers Near Me We are also going to work on elevating Lily’s obedience training.  Her owners have started teaching her the basics of “Sit” and “Drop It”, but we are going to increase her level of reliability as well as teach her: Down, Come, Place, and leash walking. 

Whatever breed, age, or size dog you have, I can help you.  So if you ever find yourself thinking, I need dog trainers near me, please feel free to contact me today to learn more: or 914-774-7654

Dog Trainers Near Me

Dog Trainers Near Me If you have ever been in the situation where you ask yourself, I need dog trainers near me, that is exactly what Luna’s owner did for her beautiful Italian Grey Hound puppy.  She reached out to me for help with housebreaking.  Puppies are a terrific experience but they can be very tiring, frustrating, and downright confusing. 

The top two issues for new puppy owners are housebreaking and puppy biting.  Luna was having an exceptionally difficult time going to the bathroom outside, so we covered my very successful housebreaking protocol and we made specific adjustments for Luna’s unique needs.  If you need help with your puppy or adult dog, please feel free to contact me today: or 914-774-7654

Dog Trainers Near Me Indy is a handsome, friendly, and intelligent Black Lab puppy.  His family wanted to train him the right way from the beginning, so he is part of my puppy training program.  We are focusing on his housebreaking, puppy biting, jumping on people and counter tops, and beginner obedience training.  

Indy is resting with his toy after our training session.  To learn more about my premier at-home training program: or 914-774-7654