Dog Obedience Training in Westchester NY

Hear from just a few previous Dog Obedience Training in Westchester NY clients and watch their dog’s transformation videos:

“We contacted Steve two days after we rescued Maggie. When we adopted Maggie we knew it was going to be an adventure because out of all of her siblings she was by far the most rambunctious. We had always had Cavalier King Charles puppies so we were taken back by Maggie’s endless energy and fearlessness. Although she was loving and sweet she loved to nip and jump on people and our other dogs. Maggie was also a classic leash-puller and wouldn’t come when called. We wanted to make sure we did everything right with Maggie so we contacted Steve for guidance.

The first time we met Steve we knew we had picked an excellent trainer. Steve took the time to listen to our concerns and was extremely patient and encouraging when Maggie didn’t feel like listening. We credit Steve for saving Maggie’s life. We had two training sessions with Steve before we went on vacation. While on vacation we were walking Maggie on a busy street and Maggie got out of her collar and took off running. We yelled “Maggie Come” (the first command Maggie learned working with Steve) and to our astonishment she stopped and came to us. My knees were shaking as the cars whizzed by us because I realized just how close Maggie came to jumping out in front of the traffic.

Dog Obedience Training in Westchester NY

Once Maggie was done with her puppy shots Steve encouraged us to take Maggie with us when we went out so that she would learn to become social. We were amazed at how well behaved and calm she was around other people and dogs. People often comment about how well behaved she is.   Since Steve’s approach includes training not just the dog, but also the owner, we are now empowered to fix just about any issue that might arise with Maggie.

Now Maggie will go to her “Place” and stay there. She also heels well and goes into a “Down” position quite easily. Jumping up on counters (Yes, Maggie would literally jump up on the kitchen counters) is no longer an issue. What I’m most grateful to Steve for is he gave us the tools we needed to have fun with Maggie. We spend hours playing fetch with Maggie and when we tell her “Out” she will drop whatever she’s playing with so that we can throw it. There’s no longer a tug-of-war unless we want there to be.

On a side note, we had a neighbor who was amazed by how well behaved Maggie was on walks. They had a puppy a month older than Maggie and was struggling walking him.   We gave them Steve’s card. Two weeks later they thanked us for giving them Steve’s card. After one training session with Steve they were now able to take their puppy out for relaxing walks.

We are very grateful for all of Steve’s help and patience in training Maggie.”Ellen Simpson, Briarcliff Manor NY

Dog Obedience Training in Westchester NY

Rosie is a Cavapoo (King Charles Cavalier-Poodle mix) puppy, whose owner contacted me for dog obedience training in Westchester NY. Her family are experienced dog owners, so they understood the importance of proper training. Rosie is the perfect dog. She is happy, very intelligent, and loves everyone!

Dog Obedience Training in Westchester NY

As with all dogs, she needed a little help in developing reliability with obedience commands. Dogs do not inherently know what we are asking them to do. It is our responsibility to teach them. Training should first focus on teaching your dog the meaning of each command, and then systematically progressing, so you can develop off-leash reliability.

I like all of my clients to have peace of mind in knowing their dog will listen around distractions and without the need for constant treats.

I am extremely impressed with the amazing success Rosie has achieved. This is a testament to not only her intelligence and receptiveness to my training, but also to her dedicated and caring owners’ consistency and dedication.

I am very proud of both Rosie and her family! Here is a short clip of Rosie’s owner taking her through off-leash dog obedience training in Westchester NY.

Here is what Rosie’s owner had to say about our training together:

“My wife and I recently hired Steve to help us train our puppy, Rosie. When we got started working with Steve, Rosie, a King Charles Cavalier-Poodle mix (Cavapoo), was six months old at the time. From the very start, Steve had Rosie’s full attention. He has a gift for bonding quickly with dogs. Like most dogs, Rosie sensed that about Steve. She immediately gravitated to him with a non-stop wagging tail and, more importantly, her full attention. So began our training program.

Rosie also sensed that Steve was a trustworthy member of an extended family. He uses praise and rewards to get results and uses the word “no” very judiciously. He helps dogs understand that he’s serious about what he wants from them. More importantly, he helps dog owners learn how to do that too. I think that’s what separates Steve from other dog trainers. He understands that as dog owners need training too and to that end, he’s very patient. He provides written material to help us train and even suggests ways to build into your daily routine convenient practice sessions.

Steve also understands how dogs think, what they need in terms of trust and confidence building, and how to pace training goals to suit an individual dog. In our case, “Rosie the dog” (as we like to call her), successfully trained to follow commands in about eight sessions over a ten week period. We typically hosted Steve once a week for an hour and if Rosie could speak, I know she would say she looked forward to his visits every time. Commands like ‘Sit’, ‘Down’, ‘Come’, ‘Stay’, and ‘Place’ are now built into Rosie’s memory and she responds to them virtually every time we ask her to. Steve emphasized the need to continue reinforcing the methods he used to train Rosie and we’ve been diligent about that.

We couldn’t have achieved this level and speed of success without Steve’s help. I would recommend him without reservation.” – Richard Coico

The investment of just a few short weeks of training will provide you the benefit of 10+ happy years with your dog. Contact me today for more information, pricing, and to find out how I can help you and your dog: or 914-774-7654