Client Results: Just a few owners and their success stories.  I work with dogs of all breeds, ages, sizes & any behavior problem.
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What People Are Saying About S.R. Dog Training

We credit Steve for saving Maggie’s life. We had two training sessions with Steve before we went on vacation. While on vacation we were walking Maggie on a busy street and Maggie got out of her collar and took off running. We yelled “Maggie Come” and to our astonishment she stopped and came to us. My knees were shaking as the cars whizzed by us because I realized just how close Maggie came to jumping out in front of the traffic.”
– Ellen Simpson (Click HERE to watch Maggie’s video) –

“…In only 2 lessons, Steve’s simple but solid instruction has given me the tools to communicate and correct my dog’s behavior. Best investment I’ve ever made!” – Romona Gan, Peekskill NY (Patrick’s owner)

“Steve and his training worked wonders for my relationship with my dog! I truly cannot recommend Steve and his dog training techniques highly enough. At the beginning of our training, Pepper was out of control. The change in my dog now is really incredible…” – Wellington V., Hartsdale NY (Click HERE to read more about this amazing transformation)

“Thank you Steve, of S.R. Dog Training! Our chocolate Lab, Boone, has made great progress with your help over the last several months. Before training, taking Boone outside in the yard was always stressful, never knowing when he would dart away after seeing a neighbor, a delivery truck, etc. Using the remote collar that you recommended is a life-saver. I can now take him out in the yard with confidence! Best of all, he is as happy as ever!” – Jeannie Alvino, Westchester, NY (Boone’s owner)

“Leo is a very excitable dog.  Yes, he is very, very cute, but his high-pitched barking and running around the house every time doorbell rings or a car comes up the driveway can get old very quickly.  I have taken him to several different obedience classes so Leo knows the basic commands but he forgets everything once he reaches the state of high excitement.

From the first day you came, you have taken time to get to know my dog.  You listened carefully, observed patiently and really understood his personality and our family dynamics, and pointed out things that I wasn’t even aware were happening.  Then you devised a plan, breaking it down into small steps so it could be achieved realistically.  Your understanding of dog behavior and behavioral issues and your consideration in treating them is what makes you an outstanding trainer in my opinion.

I had used a remote collar before, because my Vet recommended it to help cure Leo’s barking, but I stopped using it after just a few days…you took time to explain to me how to use it properly and checked on adjusting it to the right settings very patiently.  I cannot believe how well this tool works when used in the right way!  Leo doesn’t wear the collar all the time now, but his behavior on and off the collar has improved dramatically.  Never once was aggression a problem with the collar and Leo really doesn’t mind wearing it, because he has learned that putting on the collar means going out!

I could not have done this without your help.  I am so looking forward to the nice weather so we can go out for walks every day and do things outside the house.  Thanks again.” – Reiko T., Briarcliff Manor NY (Leo’s Owner)

“I had been lifting my 2 dogs into my car since I got them, because they were hesitant about getting into car.  After 4 years of this bad behavior (on my part), I just couldn’t do it anymore; one of the dogs had turned into a 100 pounder and they wouldn’t listen to me when I asked them to get into the car on their own, as I had created a monster.  I had used one trainer in the past to help me with obedience training on 4 prior dogs, but she didn’t really seem to enjoy what she was doing so I didn’t want to call her again.
I called S.R. Dog Training because I had seen their vehicle and jotted down the number.  Steve came over and taught me patience and taught the dogs to trust me and to jump into the car. Within the hour, both my dogs were jumping in and out of the car like pros, subsequently making my life a lot easier when we go out hiking.  I would recommend S.R. Dog Training to anyone needing either a quick fix or long term dog training. – Luki O’Connor, North Salem, NY

“I put her in “place”- and that’s where she stayed until I was done unloading & loading the dishwasher. She stayed even when my husband unexpectedly walked through the front door and right past her with a pile of camping gear.   She tried to get up once but went right back when I said “No”. And she settled in as you can see in the picture. So proud of her and thankful for the training!  All about function and making life easier and more manageable!” – Katherine Kordys Westchester, NY (Abby’s Owner)

“Hi Steve, Thanks to your wonderful rapport with Aria, your patience, and your very good training tips, Aria is a happy, good-natured dog. She is housebroken, crate trained (without you, this would have never happened), she walks well on the leash, and she has finally learned sit, down, paw, up, and off…As far as I am concerned, the Dog Whisperer does not hold a candle to you.  Once again, I want to thank you for all the training you did with her (and me).” – Delia Wroblewski, Yorktown Heights, NY (Aria’s Owner)

“Thanks for helping me train Max. Before we began working with Steve, Max would come only if he felt like it. Which was becoming a safety issue when he would take off running across the street. We worked with the recall command and now he’s very obedient and turns to come at the sound of his name. The leash pulling on walks is 100% better and now it’s enjoyable to take him on his walks. Thanks Steve!” -Melissa B. (Max’s Owner)

“We recently got another puppy named Bogie – this time we knew we needed a new approach. Instead of assuming we knew how to raise a puppy, we really researched puppy training.  During our extensive research, the most helpful articles were posted by S.R Dog Training. We started crate training (for the first time ever) and we relied on S.R. Dog Training’s blog posts for helpful tips.  We were very impressed with the quality of information Steve provided and liked his approach as a trainer.  We decided to hire Steve and could not be happier with the results. Some of the challenges we worked on together included housebreaking, mouthing issues, obedience commands, separation anxiety and his interactions with our other dogs.  We have made amazing progress on all fronts in a very short time.  Before hiring Steve, we couldn’t even brush Bogie without having him try to chew on our hands/brush or try to jump on us. Now he sits like an angel when we groom him.  Very quickly Bogie became more housebroken that the two dogs we have owned for years (we are now introducing the older dogs to the S.R. system…who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, I just saw our 7 year old dog Rosie sit on command for the first time ever today!!!)  Steve is very knowledgeable, a terrific teacher and patient.  He also clearly cares about the welfare and success of the pet.  I would highly recommend him to any pet owner.” – Veronica Katz  Westchester, NY (Bogie’s Owner)

Client Update“Hi Steve, Luna is doing great.  I have her out just with the collar and she listens great.  She has gotten out of the house twice, but came right back with no collar on.  I can’t thank you enough for all your help with her. It seems not long ago she was a handful.  Now she is listening on and off the leash. The funny thing now as soon as she sees the collar she knows she is heading out.  Thanks again for a great job.  I would not have the dog I have without your help.  Thanks.”  – Jim Schoenig, Brewster, NY (Luna’s Owner)

“Steve has been a regular contributor of training tips for our readers and fans.  He has impressed us and we jumped at the opportunity to have him join us in our mission to positively impact the lives of dogs.” – Brandy Arnold, Content Editor for The Dogington Post (The World’s Largest Site for Dog Information)

“I adopted Shane, an 8 month old German Shepherd in August of 2014. Over the years I had previously owned six other German Shepherds, raising three puppies and adopting three others. Based on my experience I thought that training Shane would not be a problem; I was wrong. Aside from being house broken, it was apparent that she had never been trained or socialized. Shane did not even understand basic commands, i.e. sit, stay come, etc.–she basically did her own thing, what she wanted when she wanted. She was difficult to walk on a leash, constantly pulling, and was very aggressive, snarling and snapping at the air, whenever we encountered people or other dogs.
After several weeks of trying to train her on my own and seeing no appreciable progress, I decided to use a professional trainer. A friend recommended S.R. Dog Training. Steve came to the house weekly and in just a few short weeks transformed Shane into an obedient dog that now responds to my commands. She is now a pleasure to walk, automatically dropping into a sit position when I stop walking; she does not react to people that we meet and generally ignores other dogs.
Not only did Steve work so well with Shane, but he increased my understanding of what I need to do as I work with her to reinforce the training he provided. I am really amazed at the positive results that Steve has achieved with her. Consequently, I heartily recommend Steve to anyone who is experiencing problems with his/her dog or anyone seeking to improve the dog’s performance.” – Paul Doster, Mahopac NY (Shane’s Owner)