Bulldog Puppy Training

Winston’s owner contact me for Bulldog Puppy Training, because he wanted to make sure he started his new four-legged family member off right from the start.  Calling Winston cute is a severe understatement!  Not only is he cute, but he is very sweet and has a great disposition.

Bulldog Puppy Training Regardless if of what breed puppy you have, early training is essential.  Bulldog puppy training is so important, because they are a strong, stubborn and intelligent breed.  As with all my new puppy clients, in our first training session, we covered my housebreaking protocol, crate training, how to handle puppy biting and chewing, and went over what the daily structure and routine should look like with a new puppy.

Puppies are a clean slate, so this gives us the opportunity to lay the right foundation from the beginning.  I tell owners all the time, by doing just a few training sessions with your new puppy, can prevent having to go back and correct many unwanted issues that require significantly more training. 

In conjunction with the puppy training information that I cover in my first training session, we typically progress to proper leash walking technique, to aid in your dog’s pulling and dragging you down the road on walks.  Both you and your dog should be able to enjoy a relaxed walk together, not a tug of war and battle of wills out in your neighborhood. 

Bulldog Puppy Training

Solid obedience training is also vital for all dogs, especially with Bulldog Puppy Training.  Bulldogs can be a strong and stubborn breed, so to help mitigate that, we want them to listen to our verbal commands.  The obedience commands we typically teach are:  Sit, Down, Come, Place (go to your dog bed), and Drop It.  These are the 5 Obedience Commands to Make Your Life Easier.

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