Boxer Puppy Training in Putnam NY

Duke’s owner contacted me for Boxer Puppy Training in Putnam NY.  His family are experienced dog owners, who understand the importance of early training.  Duke is a super cute, happy, and intelligent Boxer puppy. 

Boxer Puppy Training in Putnam NYIn just our first training session, we discussed, housebreaking, puppy biting, crate training and beginner obedience training.  Now into our second training session, we are progressing nicely with our obedience commands of: Come, Sit, Down, Drop It, Place, and Stay.  Here are the 5 Obedience Commands to Make Your Life Easier.

Regardless if you need Boxer Puppy Training in Putnam NY or training for any breed, age or size dog, make sure you are using a dog training program with a proven track record of success.  Contact me today for more info, pricing, and to find out how I can help you and your dog!  914-774-7654 or

Boxer Puppy Training in Putnam NY

Boxer Puppy Training in Putnam NY Diesel is a young Boxer who is very sweet and happy with his family, but is very scared of loud noises, cars, people he doesn’t know, and pretty much anything else that is unfamiliar to him. Our training focused on addressing leash walking, fear issues, and obedience training.  As part of my Boxer Puppy Training in Putnam NY, we focused on the following obedience commands:”Come”, “Sit”, “Down”, “Stay”, and “Heel”.

Within just a few training sessions, Diesel has made huge strides in building his confidence, reducing fear, walking beautifully on-leash, and become significantly more reliable with his obedience commands.

With the right training system, we can improve the happiness and quality of life for any dog and owner. Contact me today to learn more about my at-Home Dog Training in Westchester NY & Putnam NY: 914-774-7654 or

Boxer Dog Training in Putnam NY Lola and Rocky are two amazing Boxer dogs with a loving and dedicated family.  We addressed Rocky’s leash walking, puppy biting and beginner obedience training.  

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