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What you should expect from all trainers, and what you will ALWAYS see from S.R. Dog Training…

• I will ALWAYS use a fair and balanced training system to 
  teach your dog.
• I will ALWAYS be transparent with my business and
  training practices.
• I will ALWAYS do what is in the best interest of the dog.
• I will ALWAYS be upfront and inform owners of what is
  appropriate and realistic for their dog to achieve.

• You will NEVER see me use harsh training techniques with a
• You will NEVER see me be unfair with a dog, and expect
   them to perform a behavior that he wasn’t sufficiently taught.
• You will NEVER see me lose my patience or yell at a dog.     
  Patience and maintaining composure is critical to dog


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S.R. Dog Training offers dog training in Westchester NY.  Dog Trainer Steve Reid conducts house calls for dog training in Putnam NY.  I offer all levels of obedience training for Yorktown Heights NY.  Obedience commands in Putnam NY including obedience for Mahopac NY and obedience training in Carmel NY.  Dog training is not limited to these areas, so please call.