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Does your dog…
- Jump on guests that come in the door?
- Have too much energy?
- Bark, lunge, and drag you down the road on walks?
- Not listen to your commands except when you have
treats or when there are no distractions present?

There is no need for you to continue to struggle with your dog’s behavior issues.  Using a safe, simple, and effective training system enables all dogs; regardless of breed, size, or age to be fully trained Learn About Training Options.  

What you should expect from all trainers, and what you will ALWAYS see from S.R. Dog Training…

• I will ALWAYS use a fair and balanced training system to 
  teach your dog.
• I will ALWAYS be transparent with my business and
  training practices.
• I will ALWAYS do what is in the best interest of your dog.
• I will ALWAYS be upfront and inform you of what is
  appropriate and realistic for your dog to achieve.

• You will NEVER see me use harsh training techniques 
   with your dog.
• You will NEVER see me be unfair with a dog, and expect
  them to perform a command they were not sufficiently taught.
• You will NEVER see me lose my patience or yell at a dog.     
  Patience and maintaining composure is critical to dog

Is your new puppy…
Having accidents in the home?  Mouthing and chewing on everything?  Not listening to your commands? 

This is the perfect time to lay a proper foundation of structure, boundaries, and obedience training.  Puppyhood should not be a stressful time, but rather a fun learning and bonding experience for both dog and owner.  Learn about my Puppy Training Program.

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Dog trainer Steve Reid and owner of S.R. Dog Training specializes in at home dog training. I offer dog training, puppy training, and obedience training in Westchester NY, Putnam NY, and Connecticut.